Personal Branding Photography with Jessica Procini in Cape May, New Jersey

Just being in Jessica Procini’s presence will have you smiling and laughing your way to being healthy, slim and happy. Founder of Laugh Yourself Skinny and Host of j-cni TV, this woman is on a mission to bring humor, healing and light to a topic that is heavy with layers of shame and guilt around it, emotional eating. Having navigated her own journey through emotional eating with maturity, alacrity and play, Jessica cares deeply about showing others a way through that will transform their own experience of food addiction. Equal parts witty humor, intelligent playfulness and a understanding of how to wisely guide others through their valleys of pain, conflict and beliefs about themselves, food, love and everything in between, Jessica brings them into the open, loving fields of forgiveness, compassion and self-worth. Jessica’s vibrant personality will have you in hysterics as you end your fight with food, diets and treadmills and begin a new chapter of gratitude and vivacious health.


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