Personal Branding Photography with Abby Rodman in Boston, Massachusetts

Never in a million years did Abby Rodman dream her second half of life would be as fun, romantic and free as it is and it would have been that much more unbelievable that it would become the subject of her career success. A licensed psychotherapist, author and speaker, it wasn’t long ago that her Once Upon A Time looked much different. Feeling trapped, lost and unfulfilled, she questioned if “this is it”. Equipped with her therapists toolkit and a proclivity to telling the truth, Abby set out to discover what it would take to start over in mid-life and write a new story line. The one she’s living now includes a marriage that delights and excites her, a welcoming and loving home and an opportunity to continually refine and explore how she can serve others while remaining true to herself. The one thing you can know to be true for Abby is she won’t gloss over the things when the going gets tough but embraces the reality of life and is a shining beacon of light for others who may get lost in the choppy seas. Ready to write a new happy ending? Let Abby help you get started


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