Personal Branding Photography with Keeley Tomkinson in Los Angeles, California

As a professional scientist and rational thinker who also believes in the power of moon magic and divine guidance, Keeley Tomkinson is anything but predictable. Ironically it was when Keeley landed a well sought after research position that she discovered her true strength was in coaching. Having spent her life preparing for the position, once she got it, she discovered that there was still something missing and when she investigated the part she felt the most aligned with was guiding her graduate students in discovering how to choose a path for their lives that would fulfill them personally and professionally. Trusting the signs of the Universe and a little Badger wisdom, Keeley found the strength to follow her intuition and untether herself from the traditional path of a scientist. She now coaches women to follow their own adventurous path and to invent their own life of freedom and purpose. Keeley has unlocked the door between science and spirituality and is up for the adventure that lies between these worlds.


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