Personal Branding Photography with Christine Dyan in San Francisco

How do you not fall in love with a woman like Christine Dyan? This feisty, straight-talking, open, adventurous, high-vibe woman is willing to take risks and love herself each gorgeous step of her journey. Trusting her path, Christine is lovingly persistent in going after what she wants and along the way has discovered that sacred self-love is the path of transformation. This healthy, holistic, haute coach realizes it’s more than just the food you put in your body that can be toxic and limiting. Christine works with her clients to transform their beauty and confidence from the inside out. In the process they realize it’s as much about the beliefs you put in your head, the way you treat your heart and soul that really matter as it is about what they put into their bodies. This is the kind of woman that the heavens part for and shine the sunlight through on a rainy day. Ditch your umbrella and get yourself into Christine’s world. It’s lovely in there!


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