Personal Branding Photography With Chrissy Brady-Smith in San Francisco

Chrissy Brady-Smith electrifies most everywhere she goes, everyone she meets and everything she does with pure joy, enthusiasm and femininity. In her utter and heartfelt optimism, there is little choice then to be fully plugged into the the miracle of life. Embodying grace, beauty, intuition, gratitude and a playful side even when helping others navigate the deep and sometimes turbulent water of their inner world, Chrissy empowers women to ride the emotional experience of being an entrepreneur and guides them in transforming fear and doubt into power and success. She is unleashing her new brand, The Wild Woman Entrepreneur, and I stand here in complete enthusiasm and anticipation to see what transformations and celebrations will be achieved through this new chapter in her unending book of brilliance. Watch out for this wild, magnetizing woman entrepreneur! She is the celebration of Being itself!1918211_10153960804097641_4022744281899415570_n

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