What if John Lennon had it wrong?

When John Lennon made iconic the proposition to “be called a dreamer” nearly 45 years ago, it was assumed that by becoming a dreamer, we would dream of a life without separating beliefs, desires, attachments. We would find harmony through letting go of our individual need to succeed, to achieve, to create. We were encouraged to give up our independent desires in service to a collective consciousness of love and peace and freedom for the whole.

Who doesn’t want a world of love and peace and freedom for the whole?

But what if John Lennon had it wrong? What if every dream to succeed, to achieve, to create (however illogical) that you are currently entertaining was seeded because your mission, your life of purpose and the Freedom of the whole is intrinsically linked to it’s realization? What if it was Robert Frost who nailed it when he said Freedom lies in being bold!

If you had asked me a decade ago if I could imagine my life looking, succeeding as, being what it is today, I would have to say YES, Of course I could imagine it. It all begins with a dream. In the case of my business, it was the dream of being a globe trotting photographer who serves women that she loves in locations that excite and inspire her and together collaborate on bringing out their unique essence, their unique physical, spiritual and professional gorgeousness for the camera, the world, her to see. I sometimes have people ask me if I ever still take photos for fun anymore and I look at them slack jawed and say “You know what I do, right?!? What could I possible photograph that would be more fun than that?”


Now when you ask me about my dream, it’s a dream where each of my clients is thriving and inspired and where their particular flavor of bootie-kicking brilliance is being actively sought after. It’s a dream where I continue to serve the dreams of you and women like you who are leading with chutzpah and style and making a real difference in the lives of your friends, family, community and the world. It is a dream where together we continue to boldly shape the future into one where everyone we meet is living a happy, healthy and awakened life.

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To your dreams,