Personal Branding Photography with Kelly Azevedo in San Francisco

Pull up a chair and prepare to enjoy yourself when you have the pleasure of time with Kelly Azevedo! Part story teller, part dead pan comedic genius and mostly woman who can make structures something fun sexy and that you are excited to put in place (can you imagine?!?), Kelly is one of those rare women entrepreneurs who has got systems down and knows how to teach others to get on the bandwagon. Every woman in business who is worth her weight in salt will tell you that the greater her success the more systems she needs in place and the greater the efficiency of the systems the more freedom she has to give her gifts, share her message and do the great work she is here to do. If your business and brand is succeeding and you are starting to feel the growing pains that come with your systems being stretched, get to Kelly Azevedo, Systems Engineer stat. The girl has got systems and will help you laugh your way through creating your own!


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