Personal Branding Photography with Cindi Grace in Paso Robles, California

It’s not everyday that you have the gift of a woman like Cindi Grace in your life. Graceful, gracious, born of grace, it would be too easy to riff on how perfectly her name suits her disposition and it would not quite hit the nail on the head to all of her genius. As visionary as she is organized as much a lover of the spontaneous as she is of systems, Cindi Grace is a woman who chooses as Marianne Williamson recommends “to be pushed forward gently by angels instead of taking the bull by the horns” Cindi Grace is the woman you want when you are headed into uncharted territory and someone has to act as cartographer, she’s been there and she knows how best to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Kick back with this beauty, have a glass of wine and let her show you the possibilities.


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