Personal Branding Photography With Nisha Moodley in San Francisco, California

Nisha, oh my gorgeous Nisha where do I begin. I imagined this preview to be accompanied by an open love letter and I realize that I’m dumb-founded where to begin. If I was to even begin to do you the service that I know you deserve it would be to start by talking about the women that you serve, the ambitious to make global change, deeply spiritual, successful, smart and awake women who have chosen you to lead. I would mention how in each time we work together, your home and the daily moments of your life have always been a partner in our photoshoots, that the details of each moment of your life are an artful celebration of beauty and always occur to me as a full volume expression of your ever blooming mind and spirit. Nisha, your brave devotion to living the full range of what life offers authentically and openly and with a courageous heart is unsurpassed. I feel honored to capture YOU living, loving and leading each day. Whether caring for your business, your home, your friends, your heart or your spirit, your care and devotion is the stuff that the Angels herald. Thank you for never holding back. Thank you for being an unbounded YES to all of it, even the stuff you’d “rather not thank you very much”. Thank you for embodying and redefining sisterhood for a new generation. In love, Wendy.

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