Personal Branding Photography With Laurie Warren at Farmstead Table Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts

You know that moment just after biting into something so freshly nourishing and delicious and it feels like you are gratifying every cell in your body? That is what a day with Laurie Warren is like. It’s the peaceful moment when you know all is good and the the moment when you laugh so hard you begin to tear and the moment when you know that you can take the risk and be a better person for having done it. THAT is what Laurie is and does. A nutritionist by trade, Laurie believes it is about so much more than your diet to achieve a true state of well being that you must feed you body, mind and soul. She has the expertise to tell you what your body needs, the wisdom to serve your mind and the presence to serve your soul. And that is exactly what Laurie is. Laurie IS soul food.


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