Personal Branding Photography with Alexis Neely in Boulder, Colorado

Alexis Neely is one of the ONLY color outside the box top of her law school class festival roaming internet marketing multi-million dollar CEO lawyer and entrepreneur I have ever met. Alexis or Ali Shanti, as she is also known as, seems destined to live in the extremes and then find a way to bridge them so that others who believe they can’t live out their diverse and unique parts simultaneously discover they can. Right now bridging being a devoted, present mother & partner, face of the new law business model, priestess, mentor and free spirit, Ali has not broken any mold, she has expertly and smartly recreated it willing to live her wild path with eyes wide open on loud speaker so that any and all can benefit. I feel thrilled both to have captured this smartly vibrant and awake woman as she is in her hometown and to call her a beloved sister and friend.


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