Personal Branding Photography with Aja Davis and Molly Ola Pinney in Brooklyn, NY

What can I possible do but GUSH about two gorgeous Brooklyn women driven to make big impact in the world together as entrepreneurs AND are totally, delightfully in LOVE. When Aja & Molly first reached out to me it was to do Branding Photos for their shared coaching practice Red Hot Entrepreneurs with Molly and Aja and Brooklyn communal workspace. Timing/schedules for their Branding Photos did not line up BUT capturing their June wedding did and so this last week in Brooklyn, I have the ultimate privilege and watching these two laugh and play and share their flavor of Madly in Love through my lens-shaped heart. Molly & Aja, it is impossible not to fall madly in love with you two. Your modelling a new way of partnering, one that includes not only your individual vision for a World where optimal health & wellness is priority and autism is cured, Your partnering has that magic ingredient of a shared mission to have women around the World know their power as entrepreneurs and to discover how Hot it is! So grateful!

Personal Branding Photoshoot in Brooklyn NY by Wendy K Yalom Personal Branding Photoshoot in Brooklyn NY by Wendy K Yalom

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