Personal Branding Photography with Jeanine Becker in San Francisco, California

Oh My God, If you had told me a decade ago that someday this is the caliber of women I would have the privilege of working with, I wouldn’t have believed you. Jeanine Becker is one of those women who is so inspiring in the way she lives her day-to-day life that I can’t hardly put my finger on one specific way she woman’s in the world that is more brilliant than any of the others. Imagine this a brilliant attorney & corporate consultant, top of her game decides that understanding her own heart and soul is as important as achieving her professional goals and starts a new journey in India, one that has without out a doubt made her into the SuperWoman she is today. Equally charismatic, approachable, smart, inspiring women from stage is as accessible to her as the direct impact she has with her clients who range from World-Renowned Spiritual Leaders to Top Decision Makers at Global Financial Institutions, Janine has the ability to bridge worlds and create both lasting personal and cultural impact. Janine, I giggle thinking about playing Barbies with you and at the same time contributing to a brand of a woman so already embodied in her leadership that the day was effortless. I’m so grateful for the woman you are and feel so lucky to have a world where are you Women like you to represent the new paradigm of feminine leadership; spiritual, open, capable, determined, ferocious and beautiful.


Wendy K Yalom, Personal Branding Photographer

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