Personal Branding Photoshoot with Kathleen Ventura in Sedona, Arizona

Do you ever have that thought “I wish I had…?” or “If only I…, then I could…? ” ya know that thought? Kathleen Ventura is a skilled and articulate coach and the jewel of her wisdom lies in her life-long belief system that says “Of course now! When else? Why not?”. It is a way of seeing and experiencing the possibilities that we all long for and few do. I would venture to guess that it is this unique and exciting way of experiencing life that has been the key to her successfully discovering what it feels like to be lived as Freedom itself. Having an opportunity to share Kathleen’s playground of Sedona as a place to be led to discover your own “Of course Now!” belief system is an opportunity that exceeds practical value and has the possibility of you living your life now full out! Join her on the adventure to truly start your lifetime!

Personal Branding by Wendy K Yalom Photography

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