Brand Photoshoot with Heather Hudak in San Francisco, California

Heather Hudak could easily slip under your radar if it weren’t for her purpose drive to all having access to optimal health and vitality. I remember when I first met Heather, her buoyancy, her effervescent candor, her flawless blond beauty and how casually she would mention her wisdom of the chakras, her reiki master certification, her fitness and self-care discipline. In the last decade, she has developed a rich understanding about nutrition, how to achieve peak health and a network of leaders who are avid to contribute to her first book, coming in Spring 2016. Heather is as fashionable as she is tenacious in her goals and I can’t wait to hold that hard-copy in my hands and think “Thank God she is out there and doing it!” So proud to call you a friend!

Brand_ Photoshoot_Heather_Hudak_Health_Coach_Author_Spiritual_Gangster_Green_Juice_California_Kitchen

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