Brand Photoshoot with Mindie Kniss in Sedona, Arizona

What else would you possible do if you were capturing a rockstar like Mindie Kniss in Sedona than to ask her to put on a pair of high heels stand on the edge of a cliff in rapid fire wind and own it? This woman is as pragmatic and she is metaphysical, as bold as she is dropped in and as heart open as she is hold no prisoners get it done. If you’ve had the privilege of being in coherence with Mindie, you know she packs a transformational punch exponentially greater than her petite frame lets on. 5 minutes in the calm of her eyes may be all some of us need to wake up to NOW, a week in Sedona learning about the science and practice of opening your heart under her leadership, life changing! Mindie, I feel so grateful that you are YOU at this moment in time and that you are full on sharing with Humanity your wisdom, your heart, your beauty. Learn more about Mindie here.

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