Personal Branding Photography with Grace Kelly in New York City

Oh my heart does skip a beat when I think of the pleasure of globe-trotting with Grace Kelly and capturing this CityGirl living a life of passion, ease and queenly play. It is not just her commitment to living la dolce vita or her sharp style that has Grace stand out as a leader. It is her willingness to continually expand and transform her own beliefs in service to others, to do what it takes to live on purpose while respecting her desires as sacred and to willingly “own it”. The “It” being her impossible to miss charismatic presence, her wry humor and her easily lovable rapport. It is rare that I meet a coach so fully in-alignment with what she teaches. If you are a woman who dreams of having a purposeful life of adventure and play then get on the City Girl Confidence list and keep a pulse on what Grace is up to!

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