Personal Branding Photography with Caroline Muir in San Francisco, California

As a woman committed to living a turned-on life present to the ecstatic nature of reality, having the privilege of photographing Caroline Muir is like offering a young political hopeful the Oval Office. I’ve met countless incredible teachers of living a life in love. period. a life madly in love with what is and for me, the proof is alway sin the pudding. My first experience of Caroline was a decade ago when I read the book she authored with her husband, “Tantra, the art of conscious loving.” from then on I was hooked to the possibility of living an orgasmic life. Fast forward to early 2014 when I receive an email from Caroline Muir of www.divine-feminine.com and you can imagine my reaction – “WAIT, that Caroline Muir, THE mother of modern day tantra?!?”. Caroline Muir is not just teaching the path to sisterhood, womaning, living an orgasmic life, she’s walking her walk and at 70 years old, I’m stunned, she is brighter, more vibrant and alive than most women I know in their 20s, 30s an 40s. If you are even slightly curious about what it looks like, feels like to be authentically vibrant and turned on to life, get into Caroline’s sphere now!

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