Moniece and Alex at The Bentley Reserve

By January 18, 2012Weddings

Here at Wendy K Yalom Photography we practice the work hard, play hard ethos. January through November we work hard and December, we play hard. So the first wedding of the year in early January is exciting, we have just gotten back into the groove; equipment fresh, energy reserves full and ready for fun.

Starting the year with Moniece and Alex’s wedding was like starting a year long dessert bar with… well, dessert. Each time Moniece looked at me and smiled joy erupted through me. I said ” I can’t help but smile every time you smile at me.” She said, “I can’t help but smile every time YOU look at me!” Double JOYBOMB and the perfect recipe for authentically beautiful portraits. Moniece’s ability to fully feel and respond to my joy and excitement for her, for her day, for her love and commitment to Alex is no surprise, Moniece is self aware and authentically tuned into her feeling.

In the moments before the ceremony, before Moniece had seen Alex, Moniece said she was feeling something unlike anything she had felt before, when I asked her to tell me more because I’m always fascinated about people’s unique experiences particularly when they are about to embark on a major life event, she said “it was impossible to describe, a combination of excitement and fear and love.” It gives me goosebumps to think about it. I hope these photos bring you a feeling of excitement and love and maybe a few goosebumps. ENJOY!

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