Jena and Michael Madly in Love and how FEAR is an important ingredient.

By January 6, 2012Madly in Love

Jena la Flamme, founder of Pleasurable Weightloss, and Michael Ellsberg, author of Education of Millionaires, are inspiring leaders among their peers and within their professions and when it comes to being Madly in Love they raise the bar to Olympian standards. It is always an honor to capture the essential chemistry of a couple madly in love and it is always nerve-inducing.

It was no different in the case of Michael and Jena. If you had headphones plugged into my mind as I drove over to Chrissy Field to meet them on a crisp late December afternoon, you would have thought I was talking myself off a cliff.

Although I have a decade of experience capturing portraits and am prepared to handle whatever lighting and location conditions we discover in addition to plenty of experience eliciting joy, passion, love and play, I still feel nervous, almost terrified. For years, I tried to talk myself out of the fear, avoid it or pretend it wasn’t there (with little luck). Now, I have come to learn that the fear is as important an ingredient in capturing successfully creative images as my Nikon. The heart thumping uncertainty is actually the uncertainty of exactly how the creative force of the universe will be expressed through me, my clients and my camera today. We simply don’t know! In that not knowing, something new and unexpected is always born.

Capturing the chemistry of these two extraordinary individuals together was an honor, a heart racing one at that! The results speak for themselves. ENJOY!

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