Brand Photography with Aviva Romm, MD, in The Berkshires

Oh Aviva! It is such an apt name for a woman who embodies the ever blooming energy of Spring. Aviva Romm, MD, in addition to being one of our generation’s leading expert in the field of women’s health, babies, birthing, adrenal health and herbal medicine to name a few, is also one of our most beautiful living examples of what a lifetime committed to health, wellness and self awareness looks like. As vibrant as she is ambitious and as fun as she is deeply present, it is no surprise that Aviva started along this path as a teenager and all along took the the turn that said “this way to having the most impact, the most reach, the greatest ability to serve” and remarkably her wisdom and intelligence as made her that much more buoyant and alive. You may have been directly impacted by Aviva and if you are like me – a woman who cares about her well being – I would assume that her teaching have indirectly reached us all. 

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