Brand Photography with Denise Csaky in San Diego, California

At some point, most of us lose touch with the authentic experience of awe and wonder in our lives. We start to live a life of comfort and pattern, fulfilling on others expectations. We may have moments of that magical spark of vitality that comes when we notice something truly special – a sunset that turns the whole sky to brilliant fire, a bird with feathers more luminous and colorful that we ever imaged or the unexpected sparkly of a firefly at night but they become the exception instead of the norm. Denise Csaky wants to change that. With a belief that every moment of our lives has the power to be full with wonder, this generous life coach and energy worker is empowering women to create unapologetically authentic lives they LOVE, without the guilt. Just as the firefly illuminates from within casting light into the shadow, Denise believes that it is from our intuition that we too can illuminate our lives and the World. Through a combination of energy work and thoughtful inquiry, Denise will help you to find your spark and to start rejoicing in your life, every day! 

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