Brand Photoshoot with Jen Pierce in Los Angeles, California

An intuitive counselor committed to the upliftment + empowerment of her clients, Jen Pierce has a knack for bringing out each of our own bright wisdom. When it comes to energy healers, it is a rare gift to discover one with such clean grounded vision + forward thinking strategy as Jen. As creative and expansive as she is detail oriented and focused, this beautiful adventurer asks you one simple question – “How GOOD can you stand it?” Can you have a business that you equal parts deeply passionate, highly skilled at and allows you to step away from on a regular basis? Not only does Jen believe you can but her proof is in her ability to have just that. Can you have a marriage that is loving and respectful and fun while also maintaining your independence? Yup, and you can use hers as an example if you need. Can you be open and directive while still going with the flow? Yup, and that is exactly what Jen does best. Sign up for the adventure that Jen delivers, whether a pilgrimage through the Spain or an internal journey to discover who you are meant to be, you will be forever changed.


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