Brand Photoshoot with Erin Martin in Santa Barbara, California

You will not find Dr. Erin Martin focused on fixing anything that is broken or aligning. Erin Martin wants you to have a life worth living and believes that starts within. This fierce and amazing woman forwent using her medical degree to deal with illnesses of the body to focus her time, expertise and energy on healing the pain of dealing with depression and confusion alone. Having been on her own heroine’s journey of creating a thriving career and practice for herself and realizing that it was taking away her feeling of well being instead of contributing to, Erin made the bold move to pivot, walk away from and attend to her own need for clarity, freedom and whole being wellness. It was in that journey, she discovered how crucial it was to have help along the way and found so little of the kind of fierce support she needed. Now on the other side, Dr. Erin wants you to know that she is here for you. Driven and determined like a mama bear to her babes for you to be free!

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