Personal Branding Photography with Natalie Krishna in Maui

Oh Natalie Natalie Natalie, it’s not everyday you have the opportunity to be with a woman who by the grace of god and what seems like divine ordinance has found the unprecedented success and accomplishment of Natalie Krishna by channeling subtle healing energies that have profound consequences. The real gift of time with this light being is her incredible and inspiring stories; personal ones of a woman beating all the odds from the most desperate struggle to survive to a Personal invitation to visit the louboutin workshop in Paris, from clients whose best case scenario was to find a moment of relief from pain to physically thriving. As much grace, spirit and style as she has, I would be remiss to not say that it is the joyful and authentic humility with which she experiences every opportunity that will inevitably melt your heart. Don’t be fooled by the softness and subtlety of Natalie’s work and demeanor, she and her healing ways will leave you irrevocable changed for the better!

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