Personal Branding Photography with Toni Cunningham in Maui

Oh my goodness, if there was an easy way to describe the journey and success of Toni Cunningham it would be something like “her sharp instinct and desire to spend more time with her kids inspired her to become her own boss in an industry she knew nothing about and quickly realizing that did not equal more time with her kids, she started to innovate and grow practices that would greatly increase her income and free up time. Through that learning and innovation, she built a thriving business and as her success grew so did her prominence eventually compelling her to become a mentor to others wanting to understand her winning formula.” For a woman, who leapt feet first into an industry she knew nothing about and quickly grew to become a leader, it is obvious that Toni‘s feisty drive and savvy approach to business are as neatly tuned as her bright smile and sense of humor. If you have the fortune of working with this gorgeous woman, it will be as much about slaying it in marketing and sales as it will be delighting in her warm and joyful presence.

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