Personal Branding Photography with Amber Kelsey Walker in California

When I was growing up, my mom would play Barry Manilow and Lionel Ritchie cassettes in our house, Amber’s would play Tony Robbins. With a lifetime value of self actualization and entrepreneurship as her purpose, Amber Kelsey Walker continues to invent and innovate, invent and innovate. The kind of generosity that makes her a champion mom to her two young sons is exactly the kind that she has built her coaching practice on and that coupled with her commitment to value those young boys thriving first and foremost makes her just the woman to turn to when you want to build a business that doesn’t insist you sacrifice family to do so. Spend a few minutes connecting with Amber either one to one or as a participant in one of her in demand masterminds and you will without a doubt feel the warmth of her heart and the depth of her ability to serve.


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