Personal Branding Photography with Jamie Watkins in Los Angeles, CA

Jamie Watkins will surprise you. You know those stories about someone who is faced with what on the surface is great adversity and has the potential to drag them down into pain and despair and instead becomes the thing that lead them to all that is wonderful and positive in their lives. Jamie Watkins is THAT STORY! Having been dealt a hard to diagnosis health crisis that lead her to debilitating pain and down a road of false assumptions about herself and her body, Jamie discovered through the healing not only her soul’s purpose but also the love of her life. A woman who deeply understands the cyclical nature of woman and how through putting exquisite attention on how to ally with our bodies and our cycles, we can live the kind of rich full and vibrant lives we were born to. If you want to have the secret to be regaled by life’s unexpected and on the surface un-welcomed moments, Jamie Watkins is uniquely designed to give it to you!


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