Personal Branding Photography with Stacey Morgenstern in San Francisco, California

It is easy to have your world deliciously rocked by Stacey Morgenstern. When you first meet her; either slaying it on stage in front of a live audience of hundreds purpose-driven to health on a global scale for her thriving company Health Coach Institute / Holistic MBA, or in an intimate moment as a friend when her deep desire to have you feel cared for and contributed to is inescapable, maybe when you see her on bended knee as a fiercely devoted mama to her daughter who she wants nothing more for then to feel absolute belonging and love, maybe you first catch a glimpse of her in a ridiculously sexy uniform performing her poems where we all feel taken and free simultaneously or countless other moments that I have had the good fortune to witness and each time watched as the world and worldview of the recipient was rocked. As a vocal and experienced advocate of community as family and of it “taking a village” to live pleasurably,Stacey Morgenstern is one of a new generation of thought-leaders who would require a multi-hyphenated title something that would start with writer-speaker-poet-dreamer-mama-lover-entrepreneur-… and all that would fall short of genuinely describing the power that she wields. Stacey, I am forever changed by knowing you and being your friend is gift I deeply treasure! It is a privilege to have you driving change on such a massive scale and one that I hope to witness you doing for decades to come!


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