Personal Branding Photography with Melissa Pharr in New York, New York

Melissa Pharr is doing it right!! With a straightforward resolve and unwavering boldness to live life on her terms, Mel has created a successful and thriving business, manages a kick-a** team, delights in an envy-worthy marriage and takes each day on her terms. As much as she is a paradox, (having multiple six figure launches will learning tennis 5 days a week) the special sauce Melissa¬†brings to her clients is tested and credible results driven coaching to help you ascend from being an underearner to being unforgettable, giving you everything you could possibly need to make it as big as you want and delivering all with faithful celebration and fun. I’m certain that if you have crossed paths with this smart, hot buoyant bombshell, you will have an unforgettable awareness that you too can fulfill your dreams and have a dance party while doing it. Now, that is a reason to celebrate.


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