Personal Branding Photography with Jennifer Racioppi in New York, New York

With a Brooklyn-cool style, a highly attuned channel, a wealth of experience and decidedly smart and relevant approach to business, Jennifer Racioppi is not your average diviner. I have had the great pleasure of turning to Jen again and again when I’ve felt lost, stopped or needed clarity and her equal parts expansive and shrewd insight along with her heart-felt authenticity has always allowed me to take a deep breath and move easily with confidence and peace of mind in the direction of my dreams. You would have to consult the planets to ascertain if Jennifer‘s journey was destined to lead her into becoming the thriving, resilient no-nonsense spiritual guide or if her ceaseless curiosity and depth is responsible. Either way, we count our lucky stars that a woman like Jen is here now and available to us. Let her chart your success and discover the power of having this powerhouse in your corner.


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