Personal Branding Photography with Candice Holdorf in San Francisco, California

Be ready to be turned on. I have been giddy with excitement in anticipation of sharing about Candice Holdorf which is no surprise to anyone who knows her that anything associated with Candice makes you giddy. Yes she is a smart and direct coach, practiced performer and expert writer who has taken on the great work of showing everyone on the planet that they are a sexy mother’. Or a sexy grandmother for that matter. And it is the way Candace lives and teaches the orgasmic life that is most obvious. Her most recent body of work marries her sharp instinct for writing, her years of personal inquiry and her desire for everyone to experience the gift of sensual liberation. Through personal stories and scholarship, she has put her brilliant mind to articulating and discerning the 6 faces of feminine eroticism; the nun, the slut, the virgin, the warrior, the queen and the grandmother. If you are someone who loves being on the pulse of the latest in feminine wisdom, Candice is that pulse keep your attention on her.


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