Personal Branding Photography with Daria Zest in Florence, Italy

Daria Zest’s personality and enthusiasm for life are like fireworks on New Year’s Eve over the Tour Eiffel; expectantly brilliant & beautiful & awe-inspiring cascading deliberately and elegantly over the grandeur of the world. With her traffic-stopping gorgeousness, her business acumen and her daringness to be bold, wild and extraordinary, it is no accident Daria is “working it” in her coaching business, however. Exemplified in her original, creative and unique style, Daria‘s personality is thoughtful, intentional and fun; if she wasn’t coaching the next generation of coaches, she would be easily be walking the runways of Milan. Luckily for us, Daria’s genius way of creating a signature life is one that we can follow and is through it discover a worldly, extraordinary and one of a kind life for ourselves. Relax, have a glass of champs and let this woman show you how it’s done!13435405_10154240338207641_6636374054273461484_n

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