Personal Branding Photography with Kanelli Scalcoyannis in New York City, New York

The beauty of jazz music is the evocative way it integrates seemingly chaotic parts into a striking, hypnotic melody. Kanelli Scalcoyannis embodies the beauty and power of jazz not only in her journey as a professional jazz singer, advertising consultant and life coach, but also as a woman raised in South Africa who has now settled into her parents homeland of Greece to create a landing pad with her husband and to raise their twin daughters. A mover and a shaker, always creating, always doing, always dreaming up what’s next, Kanelli is in the process of orchestrating her next great work, her Luscious Life brand, a vibrantly harmonious combination of her seemingly disconnected chords from her commitment to great health, her good eating habits, adventurous travel, location-independent work, a freedom-based lifestyle and a thriving family. As a woman dedicated to her craft, she’s designing a brand that inspires clients to free their body, find their voice, sharpen their mind and nourish their spirit. 13241294_10154197714332641_1824560456313146268_n

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