Personal Branding Photography with Jodi Bullock in Los Angeles, California

If you were to take the warmth, vitality and life giving energy of the sun and synthesize it into a human, that human would be Jodi Bullock. Jodi‘s radiant kindness permeates not just those closest to her but the very fabric of whatever environment she occupies, those space become undeniably more joyful and alive. Well into the second decade of her teaching and leading in the health, fitness and wellness in her community, it is time for her to stretch into making the kind of impact that is only possible by stepping onto the world stage. As a well-respected and successful Health Coach Jodi is on a mission to heal women through their gut. Understanding that the gut is the root of well being and optimal health, Jodi wants everyone to place epic care and attention on everything that enters their bodies from food & exercise to relationships & mindset to create their wellness blueprint. Let yourself be illuminated by this gorgeous and kind woman!


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