Branding Photoshoot in Los Angeles, California with Maria Kyle

In the heat of the real estate crisis, Maria Kyle did the unthinkable. She launched a mortgage company and in the process created her own incredible path to success. Why did she succeed when others were closing their doors? For one, the systems and support she created formed an essential business foundation. For another, her tenacity and hustle are unsurmountable. And most importantly, her relationship with her clients paved the way. Maria’s genius is in how she truly and authentically cares for the people she is working with, supporting her clients through personal transitions and huge transformations in helping them navigate through the challenges of getting people into their beloved homes. Maria’s optimism, flexibility and positive perspective on life prepare her for anything thrown her way. She treats obstacles with the giddy excitement of someone who is playing a game with the Universe and is willing to go the full distance and have fun along the way. Maria knows life is a playground and together with her, you are guaranteed laughter, joy and adventure along the way.


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