In the last 12 months, I’ve traveled over 75,000 miles (by air?!?!!?), captured close to 80 successful and spectacular Personal Branding Photoshoots, half a dozen omg-so-beautiful weddings, 4 kick-a** live events, hundreds of miles purposefully wandered through 7 different countries and I feel more content than ever before. I love my home, my incredible clients, my gorgeous friends. In 2015, by the Grace of God and necessity itself, I gave up worrying and it is impossible to quantify the positive impact this has had on my well being. I’m in awe, each year at this time of year, I’m left with that “drop to my knees tears in my eyes thank you” and just now for the first time in my life do I get that the spiral continues onward and upward as long as I’m willing to let it take me.

What 2016 has to hold, I am in anticipation and delight to discover.