Personal Branding Photography with Nina Miller Stone in New York City

When I was young, Sesame Street was one of the places I “went” to feel celebrated for being me, for being a kid and for being happy, excited, interested in doing what it is that little ones do! Times have changed and still having that place, that person who makes the young ones feels like it is all about them, could not be more important. Today, Miss Nina is that person, that place to so many. Having a voice of a siren uniquely designed to lure open the hearts of adults and children alike, if you want a songstress to cause a panic of play and fun, you had better find one with the kind of spunk, sass and sheer unmitigated delight that Miss Nina Miller Stone has. A woman destined to create a wake of magic and glee and celebration wherever she goes, it is impossible to spend a day with this luscious beauty and her signature pink guitar and not feel like everyday is your birthday!12308773_10153754198322641_3233776674697328545_n

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