Personal Branding Photography with Karen Knowler in London, UK


I have the incredible privilege of working with movement makers, paradigm shifters and international influencers. For well over a decade, Karen Knowler has been all 3. She was THE ONE to start talking raw food revolution well before it was hip and juice bars were as popular as coffee shops. Now Karen is at the forefront of a group women who are making waves showing others how to live in alignment with their values while earning a great living doing work that they love. A force to be reckoned with when it comes to living by her ideals, everything about Karen‘s brand from her vegan leather pants to her cruelty-free cosmetics to her where she will happily cozy up and enjoy a gourmet meal is all vegan, all cruelty-free and all high vibration. Her practices positively divined from eons before of being a bridge between living species and a guardian to those that can not defend themselves, Karen is one those extraordinary women who continues to evolve while synthesizing and articulating it all for other to find their own seeds of growth and inspiration. In honor and in love Karen!


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