Personal Branding Photography with Shana James in San Francisco, California

I remember when I first met Shana James being absolutely awed by her. I was in my early 30s and devouring transformational work like it was fresh water in the desert. Shana at the time, in her even earlier 30s was not only living, breathing, teaching about authenticity, together with a small group of friends had founded one of SF’s most recognizable programs at the time, Authentic World and the Authentic Woman Experience. Her contribution was to creating honest, real connecting relating between men and women. Her magic then and now is equal parts, her vulnerability, her no-holds-barred clarity of purpose and her dark brown eyes and curly haired sexiness. Today, she is taking all that power and prowess and showing men who seem to have it all figured out in every realm but the relationship one how they can be as confident, direct and winning with women as they are in the boardroom. Seriously wow!! Learn more about Shana here.


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