Brand Photoshoot with Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi in Malibu, California

An open love letter to Jennifer Racioppi; Darling, where do I begin to even scratch the surface on the kind of miraculous gift you are to humankind? You are the personification of clear direct understanding, big-exhale-peace-of-mind and as a conduit to the wisdom of the ages and corners of the universe, you are one of the finest, clearest, sharpest I’ve had the honor to know and experience. Capturing your joyful, playful, deep, intuitive beauty and style felt to me like the most wonderful adventure the heavens could possible provide. I think this Rumi quote almost gets to the woman you are, your journey, your choices, your calling “Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.” This is the gift I find that you have given to me more than once and it is the gift I hope that I was able to offer you in return. Learn more about Jen here.
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