Personal Branding Photography with Rene Drumheller in Paris, France

If there is a way not to fall absolutely in love with Rene Drumheller I haven’t discovered it. The HolyWowThisWoman checklist is inspiring; Purpose & Ambition – check, Epic Love Relationship – check, Radiant Femininity – check, Confidence & Generosity- check and then you discover her resume includes not only being a power player on several multi-million dollar project AND serving her country in Korea. Rene, without a doubt, has what it takes to build a brand that is uniquely positioned for impact. Imagining her being free to bring together her business genius, her passion for creating something authentically her own and her huge heart that is finely tuned to freedom and service excites me and has me feel giddy with anticipation for the many entrepreneurial women out there who want for strategy together with a proven formula for clearing ancestral money blocks! Sit down and fall in love with Rene Drumheller, you won’t be able to stop yourself!
Personal Branding Photoshoot by Wendy K Yalom in Paris


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