Personal Branding Photography with Cristina Cavalieri D’Oro in Paris, France

When you enter into a space with Cristina Cavalieri D’Oro you feel three things right off the bat, generosity, curiosity and warmth, as you settle into a room with her, you’ll discover a rockstar mama, an attentive partner and an inventive entrepreneur shifting the world one creamy and delicious kale infused ice cream at a time. Building a brand that is about her one intuitive step at a time that is an opportunity to step by step show other women how to be the STAR of their own lives. Imagine discovering day in and day out that you have created a life, family, home that harmonizes with optimal emotional, physical and relation health, than notice the woman in this photo and realize she may be the key to getting you there! (Mamas, curious about that ice cream and other ways to have your little ones LOVE eating their greens? Check out Cristina’s book – “For The Love of Greens”.
Personal Branding Photography by Wendy K Yalom
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