Brand Photoshoot with Amanda Daley at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Oh how I love to work with Amanda Daley, oh how I love to brag on Amanda Daley; on purpose, branded, passionately working her a** off while seeming to have it all effortlessly handled. There are few women I work with who so naturally embody leadership as Amanda Daley. Having created for herself the what-every-health-coach-dreams-of-life, morning yoga on the Bondi Beach, organic juice shops, afternoons spent working from stylish and homey coffeeshops balanced with full on give everything launches where she is reaching a global marketplace of health coaches who want the business savvy to create for themselves a dream come true life she has created for herself, it boggles my mind at how humbly Amanda claims her place among the best of the best. Woman, thank you. It is a privilege to be a part of your brand! And an honor to witness as you take your do recognition for a job well done! Learn more about Amanda Daley here.


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