Personal Branding Photography with Ashley Abbs in Sonoma, California

One of my favorite aspects of working with women doing Personal Branding Photography is the opportunity it offers to explore all the different ways in which we woman in the the world. Working with Ashley Abbs was by far the most effortlessly aligned photoshoot that included so many gorgeous varying parts. Ashley is a woman of such depth and courage and wisdom that I continually had the thought throughout our time together “OMG, is this really happening NOW in front of my lenses?” Ashley, your graceful stepping into being the sharp directness of wood, the vulnerability of metal, the fantastic beauty of water and the red hot passion of fire along with your easy earthiness inspires me to explore my own womaning! Thank you for taking the ethos of #livefree and so beautifully demonstrating them here. Sarah Jenks & Nisha Moodley, your magic in effect!


Personal Branding Photoshoot with Ashley Abbs by Wendy K Yalom

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