Personal Branding Photography with Siobhan Barnes in Sydney, Australia

Siobhan Barnes with a welcoming heart and smiling, wide-open spirit has that incomprehensible combination of business sensibility, genuine kindness and the confidence to live a life illuminted. Making the bold choice to step outside the comfort of her corporate job and discovered life outside the cubicle was as delicious as she imagined it to be. Now, she is uniquely designed to guide others to take a big fresh breath of air and bring color into their lives. Siobhan, your unique brilliance shines as much in your live out loud joie de vivre as in your soft willingness to allow and receive the absolute perfection of the world you have created. Continue to step day by day into your version of a neon life and it is no doubt that many will see your brightness and follow in your wisdom.
Personal Branding Photoshoot with Siobhan Barnes by Wendy K Yalom


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