NYC Spring 2014; New York City is kinetic and as a woman working on purpose to freedom surrounded by women carrying a message of freedom it is the ideal place to test the if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere belief. I spent four days, back to back with the following women; Randi Dukoff, a woman whose infectious passion for a world where wellness and health is the priority has catapulted her to the kind of credibility where the most traditional Fortune 500s reach out to her to develop a culture of health within their offices, Julie Felsher, whose vision of healing the mother-daughter lineage of not absolutely loving our bodies leaves me in tears, Stacy Rayna whose giddy joy brightens and enlivens using the ancient wisdom of astrology to help entrepreneurs discover their dormant talents  and Lisa Clare who lovingly ushers women through the heartbreak of divorce and empowers them to re-discover what it means to be free and to live a life of meaning, I spent four days in awe. When I think of this short and beautiful life, I am wildly grateful that their are tenacious women willing to give it all in service to a planet where everyone is liberated from millennia of patterns of suffering and bondage. Thank you NYC for being the demanding relentless epi-center and living into a life beyond our wildest dreams and thank you for being my collaborator in branding these 4 extraordinary women as industry leaders and success stories worthy of attention!

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in Love,