Personal Branding Photography with Dr. Robyn McKay at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa in Arizona

The data suggests that any woman as bright, beautiful and determined as {she}ologist Dr. Robyn McKay would naturally find success and fulfillment. What the data may reveal is that with her gumption and adaptability, Robyn McKay would create for herself the life of her dreams. What I would be surprised to discover in the data (although Robyn might not be) is that a woman could utterly recreate herself in 6 short month, discover herself to be an entrepreneur with a brand so in alignment with her genius and skills, easily on her way to earning 6 figures in her first year and totally at home in her bones! When Robyn & I worked together in Paris last summer, we called it {she}ology’s coming out party. Less than a year later, we are here in Scottsdale for the {she}ology coronation and how well deserved it is. Robyn, your giddy joy when it comes to Science, your well-spring of vulnerability and your unabashed determination inspires and I fell lucky to be in service to a leader like you


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