Personal Branding Photography with Nisha Moodley in San Francisco, California

Quite possibly my favorite Hafiz quote is this “One regret, dear World, that I’m determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough”. One regret I know Nisha Moodley will never have is that she did not kiss this World enough. Opulently enjoying each gorgeous moment that she is gifted, I could gush for hours about this extraordinary woman. Nisha is an exquisitely brilliant woman who effortlessly infuses each moment of her life and any interaction you have with her with beauty, wisdom, devotion and open joy. Her success inspiring women into living a fierce, fabulous and free life is astounding and if you have not yet had an opportunity to be impacted by her, do it now. It is one regret, dear one, you will not want to have on your deathbed! Have you been impacted by Nisha already? Tell us about it in your comments! (Thank you Melissa Hoffmann, Kim Iglinsky and David Steele for helping create these epic images!)
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