Eric and Megan, Old-world elegance at The City Club

By December 6, 2012Weddings

A friend of mine says he can always judge a man’s character by the radiance of his woman. I think you can understand a woman’s character by the quality of women that surround her on her wedding day. If we were to use this formula when it comes to Megan and Eric they would easily rate off the charts. Megan (like her bridesmaids) is stunning, smart and wildly generous. Seeing her with her women friends reminded me of spending time with mine, it is as if they each wanted to give the most, love each other the most, contribute to each other’s fun the most. Joy in their presence is the only option.  And then we experience Eric – directed, overjoyed, happy at the happiness of Megan. It is with genuine and incomprehensible joy that I have somehow landed not only in a career that allows me to use my head, heart and hands in equal measure but one that is in service to people I truly admire and to love that inspires me. ENJOY!